Do you require a dependable and quick eviction locksmith? We are here to assist you with our eviction locksmith services.

Landlords and property owners can benefit from the services of professional locksmiths in a variety of ways. With the help of our eviction locksmith service, you can prevent previous residents from entering without your knowledge and permission.


After a tenant has left the property, eviction locksmiths work with landlords to re-establish access and key management for the building. In some instances, a sheriff doing the eviction lockout will request the presence of an eviction locksmith. Any expert who offers mobile locksmith services for residential or business premises could also offer eviction locksmith services. You should contact our expert eviction locksmiths if you are going to perform tenant lockout because we are very knowledgeable and experienced. 

We provide the following services.


L&K locksmithing performs evictions on residential premises. They are sometimes threatened by evicted tenants but they don’t care about it. After removing the evictions, they install new locks in houses.


Rekeying is a better option rather than installing completely new locks.L&K provides the best rekeying services.

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