Let us assist you in protecting your commercial buildings and your business

Keeping your commercial properties safe is a primary responsibility, which is why L&K LOCKSMITHING offers a wide variety of commercial locksmith services. To rapidly address your locksmith service needs, turn to our team of highly qualified, licensed locksmith specialists.


Locks, safes, filing cabinets, and other security-related difficulties will frequently arise during the course of running a firm. Commercial locksmith service is required in this situation. They deal with these problems and work to restore corporate operations as swiftly as feasible.

L&K locksmith offers the security setups and routine maintenance that a company might want. Our locksmiths are knowledgeable about commercial and industrial security standards and have the necessary experience to offer advice to our clients.

Security needs continue to be our top priority and concern as a company. Additionally, our locksmith services are easily accessible by phone if a sudden need occurs. 

Some Commercial services L&K offers

We offer a wide range of commercial services. We offer the following services.

Cabinet Lock installation

A lock’s ability to function is constantly at risk, especially if it is old. It is crucial to install new locks as soon as possible in such circumstances. Whenever needed, our commercial locksmiths can install new locks on your cabinets. They also offer advice on the best lock for your cabinets.

Replacement and repairing

We sometimes face difficulty opening our cabinets, which means you have to replace or repair the locks. Our commercial locksmiths are available 5 days a week. But in case of emergency, we are available on weekends too. 

Broken key Extraction

Sometimes in industries, hotels, schools, airports, and hospitals, we try to open the locks in a hurry but the keys break. In case of that, our commercial locksmiths are here. They offer key extraction services. Get in touch with us if any problem arises.

Rekeying and key Duplication

In industries, we need extra keys in case of an emergency. So, our commercial locksmiths have solved the problem. They provide rekeying and key duplication services.

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