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For all of your home’s security needs, we have got you covered. Whether it is lock installation & replacement, evections, or building lockouts. We are open Monday to Friday and we also provide emergency services on the weekends.


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We also offer high-quality commercial and home eviction services at reasonable rates

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When it comes to proper lock installation, Nothing beats the sense of security, you get from knowing that your locks have been carefully fitted. There are several compelling reasons to plan a brand new lock installation.

Lock Repair

Lock repair service is one of the services provided by L&K LOCKSMITHING. This service is intended to ensure that your residential home, workplace, and vehicle locks always provide the necessary security.

Broken Key Extraction

If your key is stuck in the lock or it broke while still inside the lock and you can’t get it out. Then the best plan of action is to contact L&K LOCKSMITHING. As we are well equipped to handle such situations.

Home Lockout

Forgetting your keys inside the house and locking yourself out is one of the most irritating situations you can encounter. confirming that all of the doors are completely secured tight and that your keys are still inside the house. We can help you get into your house again in such situations.

Key Duplication

You can avoid the aggravation of a lockout by having a backup key. Key duplication is one of the services that L&K LOCKSMITHING, a full-service locksmith business, provides to its clients.

Lock Replacement

L&K LOCKSMITHING offers clients, lock replacement services. If your old locks can't be fixed or are utterly worthless, we can replace them.

Emergency Locksmiths

If you require a locksmith immediately, we can send out a qualified locksmith right away. Additionally, we also offer emergency locksmith services on the weekends.

Lock Rekeying

When it comes to rekeying, L&K LOCKSMITHING has been at the forefront to secure your peace of mind. Lock rekeying is one of the services we provide to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to check them out.

Even though you do want to change your locks to a different key, you don't necessarily need to replace your entire lock set. You have two choices: either change the lock set or have it re-keyed. The entire lock, including the knob, will be taken out and replaced with a brand-new one when a lock set is replaced. The less expensive option is to have your locks re-keyed. When this happens, your present lock remains in place, but a new key will be required to unlock it, rendering all prior copies useless. This is when we replace the tumbler itself.

Criminals can get access to your house or place of business using the covert lock-picking technique known as lock bumping. The thief simply needs to place the key into the lock and strike it with an outside force to unlock the door as if they had a real key. To do this, they first shave down a key that fits inside the cylinder of your particular lock. With a little instruction, this technique can make your home or place of business vulnerable to burglary. Bump key blocking methods are now included in some locks that have been made expressly for this purpose.

Yes, it is the answer. Ask yourself whether you remember when the locks on your doors were last changed or re-keyed. If you don't know the answer, you and your possessions could be in danger. You should change or rekey your locks as a result.

Yes, high-security locks will keep your possessions secure as well as keep your family or employees safe. Installing top security locks is advised.